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FREE-MART Policy Guide:  [Updated: November 24, 2015]

FREE-MART POLICY GUIDE is a binding agreement between FREE-MART and its MEMBERS.

FREE-MART is committed to honesty and fairness. This Policy Guide was written to protect the Company and its MEMBERs. It includes a glossary of key terms, ethical guidelines and policies that relate to becoming an MEMBER, placing orders, processing refunds and conducting business.


Glossary of terms:


FREE-MART, hereinafter referred to as FREE-MART or The Company, is a Wyoming Registered Company.


Everyone enrolls as a FREE-MART MEMBER without cost or obligation to ever purchase a product. Free Members are eligible to receive commissions and are paid exactly the same as Paid Members. By submitting an application, a MEMBER AGREES to abide by all Company Polices found in this Policy Guide.


A PAID MEMBER is anyone who after enrolling as a Free Member makes a product purchase.



  1. A Paid Member
  2. A Free Member who enrolls either a Paid Member or a Qualifying Member.

Members can purchase FREE-MART products and enroll other members and earn commissions from product sales that result from personal referrals to FREE-MART or from members of a downline organization proceeding forth from the efforts of said member and according to the FREE-MART Compensation Plan.


There are no PREFERRED CUSTOMERS in the FREE-MART business structure. Everyone pays the same price for products and all commissions are dependent upon products being sold.



FREE-MART takes pride in the character of its MEMBERs. The following guidelines are designed to ensure a uniform standard of excellence.

  1. As a MEMBER, you are personally responsible for any claims or representations made by you in regard to FREE-MART and you agree to not slander or misrepresent the company, products or business opportunity either verbally or in writing.
  2. MEMBERs may only use company-approved promotional materials. If you plan to make your own websites or promotions, they must be submitted for approval to FREE-MART. If materials require legal review, such review will be done at MEMBERs expense. Failure to secure proper approval may result in censorship.
  3. MEMBERs understand that neither the Company nor Members can make guarantees of income. Success can only come as a result of actively sharing the FREE-MART OPPORTUNITY and by applying proven success principles.
  4. MEMBERs agree not to make claims that guarantee income or health benefits as a result of participating in the FREE-MART opportunity or by using any of the FREE-MART products.
  5. MEMBERs are prohibited from using the company name or any variation thereof as part of any internet domain name, URL, email address, bank account or other use without written consent from the company.
  6. FREE-MART IS NOT AN EMPLOYER. It is the MEMBERs sole responsibility to determine what laws are applicable in his or her country of residency as pertaining to any permits that may be needed and or duties required to pay.
  7. Censure or Termination of MEMBER Agreement will be enforced upon MEMBERs who violate these Policies. Violations include, but are not limited to:
    1. Contacting any FREE-MART MEMBERs not personally sponsored, for the purpose of recruiting them into another company or opportunity, or to promote other products, or attempting to recruit someone from another line of sponsorship into a second position in FREE-MART. Persons may be allowed to change lines of sponsorship on a one-by-one basis if it can be shown that that there is a conflict of interest, i.e., upline not answering phone calls, not being supportive, actively working a competitive opportunity and or inviting downline to work another opportunity, etc.
    2. Attending any FREE-MART meeting for the purpose of recruiting anyone into another company or for selling other products or services.
    3. Any illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or unethical business conduct, or any act or omission that may damage the reputation or goodwill of the company.
  8. These policies are for your protection as well as to ensure the legality, stability and longevity of the company. With respect to a breach of the Agreement, our goal is to resolve any disputes in a fair and equitable manner to all parties involved. Before any action is taken, an investigation will be conducted in order to make a decision based upon the facts.
  9. Grievances between distributors should first be worked out between each other whenever possible. If the problem cannot be resolved among themselves or with the help of upline team members, or if it involves policy violations, it should be reported to FREE-MART at support@free-mart.com.
    1. A review of alleged violations will then be made by the appropriate staff member who will then recommend appropriate action to be taken by the company.
    2. Restrictions enforced upon MEMBERs found guilty of violations may include: a. Cancellation of the MEMBER Agreement together with rights to receive future commissions. b. Censure by withholding of commissions or various other penalties.

Note: Censure or cancellation only applies to MEMBERs who are in violation of these Policies and Procedures.

    1. In the event that a MEMBER is not satisfied with the initial determination made by the Advisory Board, he or she may request a Final Review by sending an email to support@free-mart.com. An appointment will be scheduled and said Review will be held telephonically between the Advisory Board and the MEMBER within sixty (60) days from which the petition is filed. Any resolution or decision by the Advisory Board shall be final and non-appealable by all parties.
    2. By filling out the MEMBER APPLICATION, MEMBERs wave all rights to litigation. This contract is the sole governing authority between FREE-MART and its MEMBERs.



  1. No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employment is created as a result of this Agreement. MEMBER is an Independent Contractor and is not authorized to receive checks made out to FREE-MART or conduct any business as an employee, officer or representative of the company.
  2. FREE-MART cannot be held liable for losses resulting from delays or failures to perform its obligations due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, nor for actions of independent MEMBERs, including, but not limited to MEMBER Agreements or product orders taken by MEMBERs and not submitted directly to the corporate office. Any applications that are faxed or mailed should be followed up by phone by the MEMBER making application to make certain his or her application was received. MEMBER hereby waives any claim against FREE-MART and/or its directors, officers or agents for any unauthorized acts by third parties.
  3. Orders are processed with the most current prices at the time of processing. All orders are processed in a timely fashion and usually ship the following day, however FREE-MART reserves up to five (5) days for shipping. Exceptions are weekends and holidays.
  4. Stacking Members (Enrolling of family pets and or fictitious persons and or persons that will knowingly purchase only one time for the purpose of advancing in rank) is prohibited. The compensation plan is designed in a way that most husband and wife teams will earn more money by working together rather than individually. Husband and wife teams that have actively built separate teams in the past will be allowed to have separate memberships should they choose to and any family members living at home can have separate memberships as long as they want to actively build an organization from his or her own efforts. Some discretion and honesty are required to make this determination.
  5. FREE-MART MEMBERs are prohibited from using unfair enticements that will be an unfair advantage to others who are trying to recruit others and build a FREE-MART business.
  6. FREE-MART ships domestically via recognized shippers such as U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS). Domestic product delivery is generally seven to ten business days, under normal conditions.
  7. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES: The total shipping charges that are required to ship outside the United States are collected by FREE-MART and include the US Postal shipping charge plus any country specific fees, which vary according to the country and the weight of the package.
  8. IMPORTATION FEES: INTERNATIONAL ORDERS may be subject to IMPORTATION FEES, DUTIES AND OR CUSTOMS FEES. Said fees are separate from US Postal and country specific fees, and are not controlled nor collected by FREE-MART.
  9. INTERNATIONAL MAIL FORWARDING: FREE-MART cannot guarantee, and is not responsible for delivery of international product orders that are shipped out of the U.S. by way of drop-ship centers, or any other middleman. Proof of delivery can ONLY be provided for delivery to the address on the invoice.
  10. Changes to orders cannot be made once they go to the company shipping department. Make sure your order is correct before submitting.
  11. Autoship is not a requirement for getting paid. Anyone who sets up an autoship does it for convenience of receiving products at a given time each month. Changes in Autoship orders should be made 72 hrs prior to ship date. Changes can be made online in your Virtual Office Log-in or by calling Customer Service during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

NOTE: When contacting customer service, you will be asked for your FREE-MART Username or MEMBER ID Number.

  1. MEMBERS may not hold interest in multiple accounts or be part of a separate account that may be in the form of another name, company or DBA.
  2. Family members may have separate accounts as long as their intention is to actively build a FREE-MART business.
  3. Once your application is accepted by FREE-MART, the agreement is considered as being final, and is not subject to change unless it can be demonstrated that there was an error in the signup process.
  4. MEMBERs agree that FREE-MART may summarize and utilize any testimonials or marketing materials that have been voluntarily provided by MEMBERs, and may also combine such collected testimonials with others that have been collected from other members to be posted on the company website or shared in the form of newsletters.
  5. MEMBERs may use product data and material from the free-mart.com website for personal marketing purposes, providing the marketing materials are accurately copied from the original content.
  6. Any MEMBER who wishes to resign may not reenter within thirty (30) days of resignation without the written approval of his or her nine (9) upline MEMBERs. When an MEMBER resigns, any downline will remain with the original organization.
  7. MEMBERs who do not place an order for six (6) consecutive months may enroll as an MEMBER in another organization if they so choose. Said MEMBER must notify FREE-MART Customer support so that the original enrollment can be properly cancelled. Failure to do so could result in the “new” position being cancelled instead.
  8. Upon the death or incapacity of an MEMBER, the downline will pass to the benefit of the MEMBERs successors in interest. It is the responsibility of the successors to notify FREE-MART in a timely manner of the death or incapacity of an MEMBER by a letter written by the executor of the estate or next of kin. The successors must meet all MEMBER qualifications.