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Drinking the right kind of water is one of your best natural protections against all kinds of diseases. If the body’s cells become dehydrated, they shrivel up, making it easy for viruses and diseases to attack.

Water is a vital component of all bodily fluids, tissues, cells, lymph, blood and hormones and the mucous membranes need plenty of water to keep them soft and free from friction on their delicate surfaces.

Water also acts as a transportation medium for nutrients to the various parts of the body and one of the most important functions of water is to flush toxins and salt from the body.

Not only do most Americans add the wrong kind of salt to their foods, they also eat large amounts of ham, bacon, hot dogs, lunch meats, corned beef, potato chips and salted nuts, all of which are loaded with salt.

No wonder heart disease is the number one killer in America! Even young people today frequently suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, kidney trouble, arthritis and the greatest of all killers, arteriosclerosis, which is the clogging of arteries, veins and blood vessels!

Water is a great flushing agent and the proper amount and right kind of water helps to keep uric acid and cholesterol levels down.

The right kind of water is also Mother Nature’s greatest beauty and health secrets. People who drink an ample amount of pure, hydrating water retain a more youthful face and figure longer than people who drink ordinary tap water. When cells are well hydrated, the face and neck remain free of ageing lines and wrinkles, while the entire body retains its youthfulness longer.

Good health begins with hydration! When a baby is born, cell hydration is at 100%, causing the cell to be plump, like a freshly picked grape. Each day your cells lose a little bit of water until death finally comes as a result of dehydration.

Dehydration often happens so slowly that it is sometimes imperceptible, but gradually your cells shrink like a dried up prune, causing your skin to wrinkle with age.

By retirement age, it is common for cell hydration to be as low as 15%. Death is certain at 9% cell hydration and many people reach that level before age sixty-five.

FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate keeps the body’s cells hydrated and healthier by providing superior hydration, allowing more water to get inside of the cells.

Reduction in cell hydration causes a reduction in nutrients, oxygen and hydrogen getting into your cells. This translates to reduced metabolism, less energy, premature aging, accumulation of toxins in the body and increased body fat.

These symptoms lead to other symptoms including cancer, diabetes and circulatory problems including elevated blood pressure and heart disease.

As cells become more hydrated, the body starts moving toward a proper alkaline pH balance. In an acidic state, the body is a perfect medium for attracting and growing bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites and other types of acid-based pathogens.

In a proper alkaline pH condition, the body is more likely to maintain a state of homeostasis and resist illness of any kind. Purified drinking water that has been treated with FreeMart Happy Water is the healthiest, most hydrating water known to man.

The primary benefit of FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate is its ability to affect each molecule of pure water that it is added to and thereby promote an exceptional level of intracellular hydration.

Hydrated cells are “happy” cells and this is evidenced by the euphoric feeling that is often experienced by those who are adding FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate to their purified drinking water.

We have successfully concentrated and changed the state of water into one of more elements so that when it is added to larger containers of water, it changes the characteristics of the entire contents of the container, making the water more hydrating to humans, plants and animals.

The water’s smaller particle size allows it to more readily enter and exit the cells, hydrating the system in an optimal way and in doing so, it does a superior job of transporting nutrients into the cells and expelling metabolic waste and harmful materials out of the cells.

In addition to its ability to help maintain optimum hydration of the cells, FreeMart Happy Water contains a multitude of other health benefits due to many other positive properties that are energetically embedded into the water via our trademarked LightEnhanced™ technology.

Tapping into quantum physics research and development, we have entered into the Quantum State of applications with our newer, more-concentrated FreeMart Happy Water concentrated water enhancer.

This new technology far surpasses anything that we have dealt with in the past when using other light systems including lasers, ambient lights, LED lights, etc.

The amount of water in the human body is said to average about 70%. The lowering of the water’s content in the blood is what triggers the hypothalamus, the brain’s thirst center, to send out its familiar demand for a drink of water.

If the thirst reflex is not satisfied with pure water that is hydrating, blood cells shrink up and become sticky and clump together. They no longer flow freely as they should in order to carry nutrition and oxygen to the cells, and if dehydration becomes serious, the blood can virtually turn to a thick and gooey substance that will no longer pass through the smaller blood vessels.

The first sign of blood that is dehydrated is elevated blood pressure levels. Failure of blood to flow freely, quickly leads to other diseases because the body in general becomes oxygen and nutrient starved.

People who ingest a sufficient amount of the right kind of water, fresh fruits and vegetables and their juices, have better circulation overall, which promotes better health and longer life.

You have an estimated 15 billion brain cells which ideally should be at 90% water content. The right kind of water in sufficient amounts helps improve your mind and brain power, helping you to think more clearly and accurately.

We know now that water has memory and that the water in your brain is what stores most if not all of your memories. No wonder when people get older and less hydrated that they start losing their memories.

Excessive nervousness and emotional upset is often linked to dehydration. Instead of drinking good water, many people try to quench their thirst with alcohol, tea, coffee and sugar drinks which only complicates this nervous condition by introducing toxic acids into the stomach with no food or water to dilute it.

So on top of nervousness and depression, such a person may suffer from acid heartburn, sour stomach, gas, bloating and low energy. These symptoms often lead to other things that add insult to injury, like antacids, cigarettes, more alcohol, stimulants and anti-depressant drugs.

Excessive acid in the body leads to various kinds of stones forming inside of the body. The most common places that stones are formed are in the gallbladder, the kidneys, the passageways between the kidneys and bladder (known as the orators) and within the bladder itself.

Another organ where stones are sometimes revealed by X-ray is the pancreas. This is the glandular organ which lies behind the stomach and has both an internal and an external secretion. Calcification of the pancreas may be the leading cause of diabetes.

Stone formation anywhere in the body has always been regarded as a diseased condition. Stones are formed by the unbalanced, acid-based, toxin-producing diets that most humans are eating.

Nerves need the correct amount of water to function properly and smoothly. You can plainly see that it is possible to suffer from water starvation. A simple and pleasant way to help yourself to better health is by drinking FreeMart Happy Water.

The more we learn about life chemistry, the more we realize why so many people are aging prematurely and suffering from pain throughout their bodies.

By drinking plenty of FreeMart Happy Water and eliminating acid-forming foods and drinks, especially GMO foods which are so destructive to human health, you will greatly enhance your body’s ability to remain in health and homeostasis.

Many people today consume too much protein, which causes the body to lose calcium, which can lead to osteoporosis and other problems. When you are unable to metabolize all of the protein you consume, your body will attempt to get rid of the excess through your kidneys. This shows up as protein in the urine. Drinking water treated with FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate tends reduce the spillage of protein into your urine, which takes a load off of your kidneys. This is indicated by testing urine samples taken before and after drinking FreeMart Water.

Reduction in urine protein and uric acid will be apparent by a lighter color and sweeter odor to the urine. This is an indication that your body is moving in the direction of better health.

Another simple test is how quickly your oxygen levels improve. It is common now to test oxygen levels every time blood pressure is tested. It is done with a small devise into which you insert your forefinger.

Six drops of FreeMart Happy Water is added to one gallon of a quality base water. This makes for a very economical hydrating program since one 2 oz. bottle of FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate will treat up to 198 gallons of purified drinking water.

Although there is no specific feeling that is associated with drinking this water or with being hydrated, many people say that they get a happy feeling of euphoria after drinking water treated with FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate.

Other people have said that they crave FreeMart Happy Water, causing them to drink more water than they are normally accustomed to, resulting in health benefits of hydration that may include increased metabolism and energy, reduction in pain and many people have reported shedding some serious pounds and inches.

Because proper hydration increases the body’s ability to remove metabolic waste from the cells, drinking water that is treated with FreeMart Happy Water could cause temporary symptoms that may be potentially uncomfortable. If this happens, simply reduce the amount of treated water you are drinking until these symptoms subside. On the other hand, if you are in relatively good health, you may feel nothing at all.

Happy Water is not an energy drink although many have reported a sustained increase in energy and in sports performance when mixing it with their drinking water.

Others have reported that it makes their drinking water taste sweeter and more hydrating.

In addition to consuming the water internally, FreeMart Happy Water can be applied topically for additional benefits.

Suggested use for applying topically.

Mix 99 drops of FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate to 8 oz. of purified water for spraying on the skin. You can also add 2 or more droppers full to a hot bath for a more relaxing and hydrating bath.

Possible Benefits of Hydrating With FreeMart Happy Water

  • Accelerates healing
    •    May reduce scars, moles, pimples and any skin imperfections
    •    Mix with other FreeMart minerals to hydrate the eyes
    •    May relieve hemorrhoids when applied topically
    •    Spray on minor to major burns (repeat every few minutes until burn is gone)
    •    Helps remove pollutants from cells
    •    Increases oxygen at the cellular level
    •    Increases hydrogen for neutralizing free radicals
    •    Helps normalize red blood cells and reduce sticky blood
    •    Helps normalize the viscosity of blood and blood pressure
    •    Improves nutrient absorption to the cells
    •    Helps regulate body temperature
    •    Helps balance pH at the cellular level
    •    May improve bowel function
    •    May reduce dependence upon medications

Some May Experience Temporary Cleansing Effects Like

  • More frequent urination
    •    Tiredness and need for more sleep
    •    Symptoms of a cold – coughing or sneezing
    •    Sore throat – Tender tonsils or lymph nodes
    •    Skin irritations – rashes or itching
    •    Dry mouth because the cells are now absorbing more water
    •    Taste of chemicals in the mouth as they are being removed from the body

Note: These symptoms are generally temporary in nature.

Other Uses

  • Spray on body after bathing to hydrate skin
    •    Spray on skin to relieve itching, sunburn, cuts and bruises
    •    Spray on minor to major burns (repeat every few minutes until burn is gone)
    •    Add to 1-2 droppers full to bath or foot bath (can also be used with NVIRO 360)
    •    Mix with other FreeMart products for increased benefits

FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate is ahead of the curve and is made using technologies that are changing the properties of water in a way that is only known to the makers of this product.

Drinking water treated with Happy Water Concentrate first thing in the morning is critical to brain hydration. Adding a dropper full of FreeMart Gold to your first glass of water may also improve hydration and brain function.

If your body starts cleansing and you feel somewhat run down, just reduce the amount of treated FreeMart Happy Water you are drinking until the symptoms subside.

Water that has been treated with FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate can be frozen or boiled without destroying its properties. Use it to make your coffee or tea and also use it for cooking.

Note: No water should ever be heated in a microwave due to the fact that anything that is consumed after being heated in a microwave causes human cells to explode and die. Neither should FreeMart Happy Water be stored near a microwave or other devices that emit Electromagnetic Frequencies.

Specific Directions for Using FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate

Add 6 drops of FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate to one gallon of spring water or purified drinking water.

(Six drops is recommended, however more can be added based upon individual preferences. Also in third world countries where supplies may be limited, even one drop of FreeMart Happy Water added to one gallon of drinking water can make a marked difference in hydration).

The base water should be free of Chlorine, Fluoride and other chemicals. Preferably use a glass jug or special plastic that is BPA free. Most plastic jugs contain BPA, which is a known cause of numerous health problems. (Jugs which have a triangle on the bottom, with the number 1 inside of the triangle and the letters PET underneath are supposedly BPA free).

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Even doctors recognize the need for hydration and when you get seriously dehydrated, an IV is often the preferred treatment in emergency situations.

Do yourself a favor and drink plenty of water treated with FreeMart Happy Water Concentrate to prevent dehydration.

Contains purified mineral water that has been treated with our proprietary LightEnhanced™ technology. No chemicals of any kind have been added.

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    We just started using FreeMart Water and our Vision is getting Better. Our goal is to get back to 100% Hydration and Live to be 101 Plus years old. We believe that FreeMart Water will get us there in no time. Get some FreeMart Water and get HYDRATED for less than $0.13 per day. By far the most economical health product available. I give this product a 6-Star rating! _ Frank Vigneri

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    One morning when I woke up, my left knee was very painful. I sprayed Freemart Water Concentrate on it and within seconds the pain was gone. – Mary Angela Theys

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    After drinking the FreeMart Happy Water for a month, I had to take a physical for a life insurance policy. Insurance companies rate a person on a scale of 1 to 30 – 30 being high risk. My results came in as a rating of 2, most people my age are rated 20 or higher. My insurance agent wanted to know what I was doing to test so high? “Oh I just drink this water from a company called FreeMart.” Once again thank you God and FreeMart!!! _ Mary Angela Theys

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    One of my wife’s co-workers gave a us a gallon of water with the FreeMart Happy Water added to it. She suggested only drinking 4 ounces each day. Well I did and after about 2 weeks my wife asked me if I felt any different than before. I didn’t really think that I did. After another week or two she asked me again and I told her that I couldn’t tell any difference (I was under the impression that it was simply drinking water from another one of those water filtration systems). Then she asked if I was still having pain in the mornings as I normally had stiffness and my joints would sound like Rice Krispies i.e. snap, crackle and POP. I thought that was NORMAL for folks in their 50s. EARLY 50s for me 😛 ) THEN THE LIGHT BULB CAME ON!!! I said “Hmmm, you know what I actually have NOT been feeling pain in the morning and no more popping like Rice Krispies!” At that point I was convinced that I wanted to share it with others, especially when I learned that there was NO sign up fees! Both my wife and I have been burned at least twice with MLM companies and I had said that I would NEVER be part of those again. FreeMart changed my mind! I am seeing that it has the potential to be a “stream of income” that can give my wife and I the time and money freedom to do the things that The Lord has put in our hearts to do. If there had been a sign up fee, I would not have given it a second thought, but NOW I have NO EXCUSE, I want to be part of this FANTASTIC opportunity!! Looking forward to helping others with their health and seeing where this will take us financially as well! THANK YOU! _ Quintin Smith

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    My wife and I have been using this water for over 6 months now. At first it felt weird to me as if I was surrounded by a water vapor with my mouth always watery. We in fact both felt “high” from it on the first day. Now it seems normal and we never want to be without it. I feel it in my eyes as the tearing is perfect now day and night, no dryness at all ever. Also due to a cancer situation with my wife being taken to the hospital they found her blood to be very well hydrated through testing and were at a loss to explain how this could be. We knew for sure what was going on there. She is working now to recover through natural remediation only. We feel this water helps remove toxins and improve nutrient intake making it potentially essential in the process. Water is the foundation of life. Everyone needs to start here to improve their health. That is fact. _ Scot Guariglia

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