Product Information and Disclaimer

Free-Mart products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Free-Mart products do not treat or cure any disease. What Free-Mart products do is to supply minerals and vitamins (vital minerals) that may be lacking in your body due to diet and environment.

Science tells us that all diseases are accompanied by a mineral deficiency. In fact there are long lists of symptoms that result from a deficiency of one or more of the minerals.

Minerals are electrolytes, which in laymen’s terms are like tiny light switches that turn on all of the different bodily functions. Whenever you are lacking any of the necessary minerals in your body, one or more of your bodily functions will be impaired or will not be at ease. In short, that condition is known as dis-ease.

Identifying and providing all of the missing minerals may give your body the ability to function properly again, in which case your symptoms may disappear.

This simple science is mathematically predicable. Consuming all of the minerals in their proper isoforms could allow your body to heal itself.

There are however many different isoforms of all of the minerals. For example a nail is made of iron, but chewing on a nail is not likely to give you the iron you need for healthy blood cells.

Plants convert metallic minerals into mineral salts, (the proper isoform) which are then easily used by the body, but said minerals must be in the soil and most farm soils in America have been depleted of minerals for over 100 years.

Free-Mart products simply provide you with minerals that most people are lacking, which allows the body to begin performing functions that without these minerals it cannot perform. Those people who consume Free-Mart products and witness some of their bodily functions improving are often times enthusiastic about sharing their results with others.

Just remember, Free-Mart products do not cure. They only supply electrolytes that could turn on one or more of the body’s functions that may have been dormant due to lack of minerals.