What is Free-Mart

Free-Mart is a new paradigm in network marketing based upon caring and sharing. All of the traditional negativity associated with network marketing has been removed. What is left is a business model based upon honesty, integrity, simplicity and transparency.

  • Free-Mart is like a buyer’s club that is free to join
  • There are “never” any autoshipments
  • Never an obligation to purchase a product
  • Only those who want our products purchase them
  • Products of the utmost purity and concentration
  • All commissions paid without ever purchasing a product
  • No rank advancement to qualify for 9-levels of commissions
  • No group volume requirements to qualify for 9-levels of commissions
  • You simply refer a member that makes a purchase and you get paid
  • Refer a member that builds a large organization; get paid through 9- levels
  • Policies and Procedures that protect the members
  • Free-Mart is free to join


One of the five pillars that a company needs in order to ensure success and longevity is good leadership.

The owners of FREE-MART have a long history of successes in their respective fields of business. Each of them are committed to making Free-Mart the biggest and best company in the industry.

FREE-MART was started to provide its members with products and an opportunity based upon integrity and the golden rule. Our desire is to rid the world of disease, hunger and poverty and we invite you to join us in our mission.

John Austin CEO


John is a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Iridologist, Health Research and Author of several books on health and nutrition. His latest book, The Causes of Over 200 Diseases can be accessed for free at http://healdna.com.

John began his marketing career in 1964. During his 51 years in the industry he has been Master Distributor of two companies and top money earner and recruiter in others. He was co-owner of a company in the mid-nineties and was a Consultant to the industry for 16 years prior to co-founding Free-Mart. He is also a graduate of accounting school.

John searched many years to find a network marketing company that was built upon the principles of honesty and integrity. Failing to find even one that met all of his criteria, he finally decided to create his own. Free-Mart is the offspring of that decision.

Thomas Green CTO


Tom has managed IT, web development and call centers for the past 15 Years. His team has coded the software and built websites for a number of network marketing companies. Tom has stopped all of his other endeavors to be a principal of Free-Mart and manager for the IT staff and Free-Mart call center. Tom also has 50 years experience in network marketing; first as a distributor and than as a software developer and technical support for various network marketing companies. Tom also has a strong background in sales and marketing. His expertise and experience is a major asset that will enable Free-Mart to keep up with the explosive growth that we expect to see in the coming days, weeks and years.