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Imagine a marriage between Sam’s Club and Facebook. Both our Shopping Club and our Social Network are expected to one day rake in billions of dollars that will then be shared with our members.

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  • FreeMart Membership is FREE
  • Members get FREE access to FreeMart Friends Social Network
  • Members get FREE access to our Profit Sharing Portal
  • Members share in up to 90% of company’s profits
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  • Membership IS required in order to purchase products
  • No auto-shipments
  • No credit card information is kept on file

Our goal at Freemart™ is to develop life-long relationships based upon integrity and giving real value to our members.

Our products are extremely pure and highly concentrated in order to give our members the quickest product experience possible. We also add value to our products by educating members in the area of nutrition and the four major causes of disease.

Understanding the causes of a disease can empower people make better decisions about how to take care of themselves in order to enjoy optimum health.

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