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What is Miracle H2O+

As cells become more hydrated, the body starts moving toward a proper alkaline pH balance. In an acidic state, the body is a perfect medium for attracting and growing bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites and other types of acid-based pathogens. In a proper alkaline pH condition, the body is more likely to maintain a state of homeostasis and resist illness of any kind. Purified drinking water that has been treated with Freemart Miracle H2O+ is the healthiest, most hydrating water known to man.


Many people today consume too much protein, which causes the body to lose calcium, which can lead to osteoporosis and other problems. When you are unable to metabolize all of the protein you consume, your body will attempt to get rid of the excess through your kidneys. This shows up as protein in the urine. Drinking water treated with Freemart Miracle H2O+ tends reduce the spillage of protein into your urine, which takes a load off of your kidneys. This is indicated by testing urine samples taken before and after drinking Freemart Water.




  • Water inside of the cell splits into Hydrogen and Oxygen; two necessary and vital elements for cell metabolism and function.
  • Water carries nutrition into the cell. If water doesn't get inside, neither do vitamins and minerals.
  • Water bathes the interior of the cell removing bi-products of cell metabolism and other toxic wastes.
  • A fully hydrated cell maintains a pH of 7.2 - 7.4; an environment in which cancer cannot live.

Your brain is about 90% water and it is the water in your brain that is responsible for memory. A dehydrated brain becomes forgetful, which often becomes more apparent with age. As cells shrink from dehydration, they shrivel up like a raisin and that is what causes wrinkling of skin and shrinking of bones and muscle tissue with age. Good health, youthful appearance and good memory all depend upon hydration!


The primary benefit of Miracle H2O+ is its ability to promote an exceptional level of intracellular hydration. (1 bottle makes 198 gallons)

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